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Rob is available to speak to your industry organization. Presentations are adjusted to be timely and fit the audience’s level of understanding and interest. Lunch and Learn sessions are also available. 

Some Past Speaking Engagements

Mortgage Brokers Association – Subprime Crisis and Economic Outlook

Property Managers Association – Economic Outlook

Community Participation

Tiger’s Den – Facilitator/Judge/Helper in a High School Career Internship Program. A great day as I was able to participate with a group of budding entrepreneurs that turned a blank piece of paper at 8:00am into a product with business plan by 4:00 that afternoon.  As these students are presentative of our future, the future is in good hands!

Junior Achievement – JA offers opportunities to speak to students about a range of finance and business items. The programs range from a couple of hours to multi-week events.  I’ll be participating in the new year.

The Associates (Member) – An external organization created to advance the Asper School of Business strategic development beyond what can be accomplished with public funding. The group is comprised of senior-level executives and leaders who understand the importance of a having a strong, mutually beneficial relationship between the business community and the world-class business school that serves it’s higher-order education and research needs.

Gate Keeper – Each week I have the honor and pleasure of participating in my son’s hockey program as an assistant coach.  I got into coaching a couple of years ago quite by accident.  When asked to submit a paragraph to the local hockey association why I liked coaching I responded with the following: “It first started with a need for a talented ‘gate opener’. The skill required was to be able to get kids through the gate which is a bit like playing bumper cars on the way out; and like landing an airplane on an aircraft carrier in high seas in the fog when they come back to the bench. For me, coaching kids (watching kids play any sport) is the highlight of my week. In my mind each kid has a gift and they open their individual gift at different times throughout a season. It can’t be coached, coaxed or cajoled; it just happens when ready. The best moments of the season, and most rewarding aspect from being involved, are watching players accomplish something that they could not do the game/week/shift before. As you peer inside the cage you see the big bright eyes and the ear to ear grin that tells you they just unwrapped their gift. It’s a wordless moment that says a lot. Those are the little moments that begin to add up at a young age and carry on through life on an off the ice.”


Written by thehallmarketreport - Head on a Swivel

January 3, 2010 at 1:33 pm

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